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Laura Wehking, locally known and recognized as The Cookie Queen , has a passion for baking. It is her "therapy." 

Laura moved from St. Augustine, Florida to Western North Carolina in 1987. She put her boots on the ground doing real estate and was able to learn a lot about the community and area.

For the past 30 years, Laura has been working in the legal profession as a certified paralegal. She has enjoyed her years in the legal industry, but her largest passion in life is to bake and decorate. She loves trying new recipes and challenging herself , no matter how long the ingredient list may be. She gravitates towards "sweet" food, which is mostly due to her own sweet tooth. 

In 2011, a simple image of a decorated cookie on the cover of a Christmas magazine hooked her curiosity and interest. She was determined to teach herself how to make those decorated cookies she saw on the front cover. And thanks to an old family shortbread recipe, she found her own special recipe as well. 

From there, Laura went into perfecting her decorating tactics and mastering new techniques. She is now baking regularly and is eager to serve you one of her best creations. 


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